Our Examination System

The school shall inform the parents after each evaluation about the child's performance via report card. This has to undergo your observation and signature. The duly signed cards must be sent to the school the immediate next day after its issuance. Those who remain absent in any of these evaluations without having any genuine reason should be given grade E or zero in the respective evaluation. If the report card is misplaced or lost it can be further obtained by paying Rs. 100.

There will be altogether Four Evaluations in which two comprises of unit tests and CCE and the others are half yearly and annual examination. Presence is completely required in all of these evaluations.

The report of unit test will be provided to the parents for their signature & observation very soon after the test is conducted. The duly signed report card must reach the school the next day after his issuance. It is mandatory to appear for unit test. Those who absent themselves without permission or a genuine reason will be given 0(zero) marks.

  1. No child will be allowed to go home early during the test unless there is a valid reason.
  2. Students absenting themselves on medical grounds should produce a medical certificate to the principal.
  3. Any student found using unfair means during any test or examination. He/she will be given zero in the respective subject. No re-test will be conducted for such students.