School Uniform System

> Parents should attach name labels to all items of uniform to prevent any loss.

> It is compulsory for the boys to wear white vests and the girls to wear white inner on regular days.

> Boys hair should be short and the girls should tie their hair neatly in plaits with black coloured buckle/bundle.

> The School belt is compulsory every day.

> Boys and girls are to wear black leather shoes with straps as per the regular uniform.(No other shoes are allowed to wear in any circumstance.)

> On Saturday, all students must wear the sports-uniform.

> If the student is not in the proper uniform, he/she will be given two warnings, on the third occasion, he/she will not be allowed to sit in the class & will be asked to go back home.

> No student shall wear fancy colourful earrings, friendship bands, colour their hair or nails when he/she comes to the school.

> Parents are expected to make sure that their ward is in proper uniform when they leave for school.