Disciplinary System

Your cooperation and support is our valuable asset, so please we would like to preserve it of course if you follow the school rules and regulation.

Presence of your ward is essentially required on all working days. No half days are allowed unless written permission is sought in case of important occasions.

Regular payment in the fee is must for the nonpayment may result in discrediting your account.

To maintain the decorum and discipline of the school it is required that no parent or guardian come and visit in the middle hours of the school unless prior permission is sought.

You should keep a check on your ward if he/she is carrying or wearing any heavy and expensive article or ornaments.

In case of change of the residential or office address or guardian, the same should be immediately informed to the school in writing.

Seminars, workshops and meetings are an important part of this institution and active presence of all is needed for the growth of all kind and will be highly appreciated.

Children are expected to respect the property of others. This includes respect of school property also. No child should damage any school furniture, equipment or property.

Students should be encouraged to follow the guidelines given to them in the school for taking safety measures. However Madhav International School expects the smooth functioning of the school and this is only possible when we get cooperation and support from all of you.