Republic Day 26-01-2019

Twenty Sixth January holds an everlasting place in our national memory because it is the day when modern India was born. Madhav Vidhya School of Excellence celebrated the Republic Day this 26th of January,2019, with immense pride and grandeur in the school grounds. The special guest invited were the students from Champion Girls Home.

The national flag was hoisted and the national anthem sung as the tri coloured flag kept fluttering in the free spirited wind. Students performed a beautiful dance on Satya meva Jayate, a strong informative street play on the new India that depicted the importance and advantage of living in a democratic and republican country. The students from Champion Girls Home gave a dance performance. Finally a patriotic Jugalbandi which was a medley of various songs as Saree jahan se Achha and Hum hai Hindustani. The programme ended with the National song- Vande Mataram. At last , it was shared that let us not pass this republic day as any other holiday. Instead look within and think , whether or not we are fulfilling our fundamental duties.